Are You Tattooed Bathers and Willing to Attend RWC 2019 Venue?

For most tattooed bathers, Japan would not be their best destination to visit because the hot spring resorts ban the body art displaying. Many resorts banned it because of the tattoos association with Yakuza group.

Are You Tattooed Bathers and Willing to Attend RWC 2019 Venue?

Solely for the upcoming RWC 2019 in Japan, thousands of hot springs in Japan are considering to lift the ban on the tattooed bathers. It has not been clear whether they will significantly remove the ban or not. But there are thousands of parlors have stated about their interest in conducting the action.

Japan organizers prepare for folks who will flock the cities of RWC 2019 venues. The estimated number of fans could 400,000 or more.

For those who have visited Japan for many times, they are already accustomed with the warnings of covering up the body ink while they are travelling in the country. But it could be a problem for other folks who have been in the first rodeo in Japan travel.

We can’t neglect the fact that there will be a lot of people hoping to soak in the springs with such laidback environment. Some operators have even altered their restrictions for the upcoming RWC 2019. although some springs are still upholding the long years rules, many of them have been rethinking about the regulations.

The officials near Sapporo, for instance, stated that they would let the private onsen owners to decide the new rules. Therefore, it is important to understand that not all springs are okay with lifting the rules. So, it is obligatory for tattooed bathers to research or reach out the springs prior to their arrival.

A famous onsen parlor in Atami, which is located near the venue that will host Ireland vs Japan match, has decided to remove the ban. That means all of the tattooed bathers can flock the onsen to relax.

Meanwhile, the business owners in Oita prefecture have directly stated their interests to welcome all tattooed customers. They even issued English language guidelines for their international customers about the etiquette and the dozens of onsen facilities that the travellers can visit.

Even though you might wander around in the big cities in Japan, you could rest assured since most popular onsen venues will post the stickers “tattoo-friendly” to let their customers that they welcome tattooed bathers.

But these“tattoo-friendly”thing does not mean only for international customers. There are many Japanese folks who are also tattooed bathers.

The good news is that many onsen venues have stated their willingness to welcome the tattooed customers.

Are You Tattooed Bathers and Willing to Attend RWC 2019 Venue?

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